Two Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips for a Quick Clean Without Damage

A sanitation solution will genuinely be the best way to clean a carpet. There are a few methods carpet cleaners Winter Haven use to deploy the solution, but there is a common thread with them all. Some solution does not work. Some solution actually does damage. Below are a few tips to getting the most out of a carpet cleaning Lakeland sanitation solution.

Testing the Solution

A sanitation solution is one of the most efficient ways to go about cleaning a carpet. Unfortunately, that efficiency comes at a cost. Some over-the-counter products have been known to change the coloration of the carpet. The spot where the stain was removed will now be replaced by a slight (and sometimes not-so-slight) lightness in the fabric carpeting. There is a straightforward way to test if discoloration will occur. Take a spot of the carpet that is off the beaten path, perhaps in a corner. Add a small quantity of the solution and let it sit for a few moments. Test to see if discoloration occurs. It may also be logical to use the solution in an area that is not only hidden away (in case discoloration occurs) but also has dirt to test the effectiveness of the product.


Blot Away

It is far more useful to blot the surface compared to rubbing it. For one, rubbing could cause the carpet to tear. It moves the solution around in an ineffective manner because it is not soaking into the surface. It is being sifted about in circles. Blotting actually pushes the solution downward, while removing the grim loosely. The rubbing process also mixes in the dirt with the fabric, and it all becomes quite a mess. The goal is to reduce spreading, and that can only really be accomplished by blotting straight down, removing it straight up, and continuing along the edge of the stain to the center.

Carpet cleaning is easy with a prompt response. Every second matters in preserving the quality of the carpet. Work fast to remove what could easily end up being a sizable stain. Also move furniture around and maintain a crisp carpet look at least a few times a year.


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